Smart products, Smart solutions – Moving from selling products to selling values

Smart AIR solutions, as an innovative concept was created by the Oil-free Air Division towards the end of 2017, then heavily promoted at the smart AIR solutions event in Antwerp in 2018 and it has spread globally in 2019.

Smart AIR solutions is a way of thinking. We stop thinking about “selling compressors” and we start thinking about “creating the most efficient solutions for our customers”. Atlas Copco is unique when it comes to being a one-stop shop for our customers because of our broad technology and large product portfolio.

A smart AIR or GAS solution isn’t always the cheapest solution when considering the purchase price for a customer. But we want to bring the most value to our customers by ensuring the lowest life cycle costs helping our customers increase their profitability and reduce their carbon footprint.  It is just a matter of understanding customer requirements and matching our broad product portfolio to create the most energy efficient solution, now isn’t that Smart?

As a continuation of the smart AIR solutions in Airpower in April 2018, the smart AIR solutions Wuxi was held on Dec. 2-4 2019.

Following the opening speech by Oil-free Air President Philippe Ernens, Vice Presidents Jan Verstraeten and Stan Laeremans presented the Oil-free Air Division strategy and vision, namely, bringing customer value.

To reveal the great innovations, a cluster of 23 smart products were displayed including the new G, new GA, ZH with energy recover, Z Classic, F+ and ND, Optimizer as well as a group of newly introduced low pressure products including the innovative ZS range extension, ZM, ZE, and the new ZHL range.

Photo: GA 450 FD 2400 VSD + Smart AIR solutions

Smaller footprint, higher efficiency, easy connection, energy recovery, all these products incorporate smart design and innovation, which can truly set us apart from our competition.

Besides innovative products, Chris Park, Vice President Communication & Competence Development, introduced the digital journey of the division, with innovations in the way we work and sell. All participants were impressed by the amazing digital tools and smart platforms.

A factory tour and a head to head test were also an interesting part in the whole event. New product lines, new test lab and a convincing live head to head comparison of our latest GA compressor with a competitor unit, all of this to create greater confidence for the APAC customer centers.

4 Booths were organized on Day 3 respectively for low pressure, oil-injected screw, oil-free screw and centrifugal. Topics regarding marketing trends, competitor analysis, special projects were all presented.

The 3-days event has been a great success in China, spreading and further rooting the concept of smart AIR solutions and customer values in whole APAC region.

Now we are all ready for the sustainable growth of the Atlas Copco Oil-free Air division. 

Post time: Apr-13-2021